GJ Web Solution

Are you still spending huge amounts of money on renting shops and shop/showroom decoration to sell your goods and products?
Would you like to start up your own business just at a relatively small cost?

Why not set up an online shop? Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce whereby your customers can directly buy goods or services from you (i.e. the seller) over the internet. Your customers can buy your products 24 hours a day and 7 days a week online anywhere in the world. Nowadays, many companies provide such service by either creating an online shop or updating their websites and adding services, categories, products, special offers, and discount and payment gateway onto their websites.

GJ Web Solutions has extensive experience in setting up e-Commerce platform for our customers to carry out their businesses online and strengthening our customers’ web presence using state-of-the-art web technology in order to help our customers to gain competitive edge in today’s business arena. We provide supports in all aspects of your e-commerce strategy and development in very reasonable and budgeted price for every business type. Please contact us for details.