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What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of rasing the rank of a web site in "natural" ("organic" or "non-sponsor") search engines results. The earlier a web site appears in the search engine results, the more traffic it will obtain. SEO is a very popular and crucial Internet marketing tool nowadays. Websites which adopts SEO means they will enjoy free advertisement on Internet.

Our successful SEO cases

We have successfully raised ranking of more than 7 companies' website by our SEO strategy and link building strategy. One of them is a thai boxing club ( Another one is a container leasing company ( These two websites are brand new and they ranked the first by SEO Chinese keyword of "泰拳灣仔" and "貨櫃儲存倉" in
. Brand new website is easier to obtain higher rank after SEOkeyword analysis, let's see the other successful SEO-lized website. This one is a BBQ club ( based at Hong Kong. We SEO-lized the website and raised the website to the 1st page of search engine result against SEO keyword "BBQ" in Yahoo (See search result) and Google (See search result) in 3 months.

Our SEO Stragegy

Base Keywords

Identify a set of "Base Keywords". Base Keywords are the list of targeted products to increase sales. Selected SEO Base Keywords will be matched against the keywords frequently used by internet searchers. Keywords recommendation from Google and Yahoo will be referenced. The content of the website must have to be adjusted according to the SEO Base Keywords.

The density and distribution of SEO Base Keywords on each web page has an optimized value that is one of the core SEO techniques.

Extended Keywords

Just SEO Base Keywords are not strong enough to raise the rank in search engine. A set of SEO Extended Keywords are required to assist the rise of SEO Base Keywords. SEO Base Keywords combine with other words to form SEO Extended Keywords, for example, SEO Base Keywords is SEO Product-A then SEO Extended Keywords is SEO Produc-A accessories.

SEO Extended Keywords are significantly necessary because it increases the chance an internet searcher entering your website through search engine. Search engine analyze and raise the rank of the website with SEO Extended Keywords which directly raise the rank of the SEO Base Keywords inside SEO Extended Keywords too.

SEO Social Media

The new articles or news will be posted in social media sites (,, etc) to increase the spread of news. We will involve in selected discussions and forums and post link back to quality content onto website that visitors will find useful. Whenever commenting on a forum (or blog) has something VALUABLE to add to the discussion.